Chief Leschi Schools
  • A Message From Our Superintendent, Marc Brouillet: 


    I am excited Tribal Council has selected me for this role at Chief Leschi Schools.  Our primary focus at CLS is to immerse students in a balance of ensuring academic achievement with the cultural traditions and history through a Native lens.  This will be achieved through the intentional work of teachers, staff, and administrators, helping students meet and exceed grade-level standards.


    This work will be done through a research-based curriculum, instructional materials, and instructional practices.  Students will be assessed to determine their individual instructional skill levels in reading and math. Individualized academic plans will be developed for each student. Based on the student’s individual plan, instruction and support will be provided to address each students’ learning needs.


    Coaching will be provided to teachers and staff, focusing on the best practices for instruction and curriculum implementation, allowing them to provide optimal instruction for our students.


    Implementation on this work has started and communication to parents and families will be provided regularly at parent conferences and through other direct contacts. Communication to the greater community on our progress will be provided through the CLS Website, The Tribal News, and our Social Media.


    We look forward to and embrace the responsibility of preparing the students of Chief Leschi Schools for a successful future after their graduation.



    Marc Brouillet