• Goal 1

    We will embed culture throughout the PK-12 School System by embracing Our Traditional Ways.

    Pow Wow Winter 2018

    We will accomplish this by:.

    • Incorporating portions of our traditional ways into all instructional units
    • Developing partnerships with local universities and community to support professional growth opportunities for our staff (UW, WSU, PLU, etc.)  
    • Developing a Language Immersion Plan consisting of Lushootseed for PreK-3 to be implemented over the course of the next three years
    • Developing and providing an annual survey to assess our progress  
    • Developing professional development that will incorporate Northwest Native American History that can be infused in our instructional units
    • Increasing the number of family events (dinners, parent engagement opportunities, guest speakers, resource fairs, etc.)  
    • Increasing the number of Pow Wows we offer to quarterly
    • Developing an instructional unit per grade level using the Sovereignty Curriculum for grades 3-12
    • Providing professional development that supports culturally responsive classrooms 


      Goal 2

    We will engage all members of our community in honest, respectful, consistent communication.

    Open House 2018

    We will accomplish this by:

    • Developing an annual survey to measure our progress, then sharing our results in an annual report
    • Providing a strong social media presence
    • Providing a strong PK-12 Vertical and Horizontal alignment 
    • Developing roles & responsibilities matrix for all departments
    • Establishing and reinforcing policies
    • Maintaining an open line of communication for all stakeholder groups – newsletters, current website(s), automated phone calls, community forums
    • Developing communication protocols that support our Traditional Ways and Values
    • Developing a K-12 student handbook that reflects our Traditional Ways and Values
    • Providing ongoing updates for schedules no less than one week in advance
    • Responding to inquiries within 48 hours


    Goal 3

    We will engage and educate the whole child.

    College and Career Day 2019

    We will accomplish this by:

    • Providing increased number of electives that will include more Career & Technical Education (CTE), performing arts and fitness
    • Developing integrated thematic units that incorporate multiple modalities of learning styles, cultural competency and provides for feedback based on-going formative assessment
    • Developing a Social Emotional Learning plan that provides a proactive support system
    • Fully implementing the Danielson Framework in alignment with the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP)
    • Developing a discipline plan that incorporates Our Traditional Ways 
    • Explicitly modeling engagement strategies at every professional development meeting.  
    • Developing an instructional program that supports a College Going, College Ready environment and our learners at all levels of the learning continuum (Special Education to Advanced Placement)
    • Providing ongoing professional development that supports instructional practices that reflect Our Traditional Ways
    • Developing a comprehensive attendance program for staff and students
    • Using Instructional Time to its fullest
    • Developing an assessment calendar that reflects our Values and supports the best use of Instructional Time 


    Goal 4

     A well developed, highly skilled, and effective people.

    We will accomplish this by:

    • Developing an employee induction program
    • Providing ongoing support for Pro-Certification and National Board Certified Teacher Program
    • Developing an incentive plan for recruitment and retention that is reviewed annually for all employee categories
    • Completing a salary equalization study that will include recommendations for action
    • Developing an employee recognition program
    • Developing a professional development plan for all employee categories
    • Investigating professional development software that will support the storage of clock hour information
    • Developing a new teacher/mentorship program

    March Data Day 2019