• Support the educationalprograms and extracurricular activities of the school


    • Encourage parental involvement in their individualchild's lives,education, class, and school


    • Provide feedback and suggestions for school programs


    • Coordinate programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum


    • Provide feedback/assist with increased awareness of schoolsafety and security issues


    • Organize fund raising some additionalprograms, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget


    • Support the educational goals of the school and assist with attaining those goals through parent and community volunteerism


    • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to staff functions and assist with school programs




    • Run the school


    • Force parents to participate in the group and/or schoolactivities


    • Set policy regarding school programs


    • Define the school's curriculum


    • Define or interfere with the school's security program and policies


    • Control the school's budget


    • Set the educational goals, testing requirements, or compliance factors


    • Have jurisdiction or authority over school staff, teachers, and other employees