1. Membership shall be open to families, guardians, caregivers and community members with an interest in enhancing the education of Chief Leschi Students.


    2. Voting privileges will be restricted to families, caregivers and guardians of currently enrolled students.


    Elections. Terms and Vacancies

    1.  Officers of this P.E. shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and School Liaison.


    1. All personnel must be voting members of P.I.E. to run for office.


    1. Officers will serve for 1 year and at the October meeting, nominations will be made from the floor to elect officers for the upcoming school year.


    1. Officers shall assume their duties at the November meeting.


    1. The Executive Board shall appoint persons to fill offices not filled by election or which become vacant.


    1. Vacancies occur when an officer resigns, is no longer eligible for an office, unable to complete their term or fails to communicate or uphold the duties of the office.


    Duties of Officers

    1.  Duties of the President: To preside over all meeting of I.E. and assure that the meetings are conducted in a timely matter. To prepare agenda prior to each meeting and to make contact with individuals or organizations whenever necessary to carry out the programs and goals of P.I. E.


    1. Duties of Vice-president: To assume the duties of the President in his or her absence. Maintain a list of volunteers which is current and available to any committee or staff member that desires the assistance of P.I.E. members.


    1. Duties of Secretary: To take minutes of all meetings and have report prepare in a legible form to be presented at the following meetings or when call upon by the Executive Board. Take minutes at P.I.E. Executive Board meetings for presentation at the following general membership meeting. To maintain records of general membership meeting minutes. To handleP.I.E. correspondence.


    1. Duties of Treasurer: Provide financial support to all P.I.E. committees. Present P.I.E. financial reports at meetings of the general membership or as otherwise requested by P.I.E. officers.


    1. Duties of School Liaison: To maintain communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between families, students, community and school by using severaltypes of



    Executive Board

    1. The members of the Executive Board shall be: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, School Liaison.


    1. The Executive Board will convene working meetings thoughout the summer months to set goals and establish the budget for the upcoming school year. The goals and budget will be presented for approval at the September membership meeting of the school year.



    Committees shall be appointed by the president. Committees shall be: hospitable, kind, and respectful while representing P.I.E.



    1. Meetings shall be held each month at 6 PM on the second Wednesday of each month throughout the school year.


    1. Special meetings will be called by the Executive Board as needed.


    Constitution and Bylaw Amendments

    This document may be amended by a majority vote of those attending a meeting of the general membership. New amendments must be presented one monthly meeting prior to vote.


    Disbanding the Organization

          1. This organization can be dissolved by a 2/3 vote of members present.


    1. The vote will take place at the next regular meeting following the motion to dissolve the organization.


    1. Any assets of the organization will be evenly divided between the Elementary School and the Secondary School.