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  • Versatrans MyStop

    Versatrans MyStop provides mobile access to bus information. With My Stop, parents, guardians and students know exactly where their school bus is and what time it will show up at their stop — all from a smart phone or similar mobile device. Never miss the bus again with My Stop!

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    WebSite Login

    You can login and view MyStop from any computer with internet.



    After downloading the Versatrans app onto your phone, you need to select Chief Leschi Schools.  In order to log in, you will need to have your child’s student ID number which can be obtained from the transportation department at 253-445-4000 or by calling the school office.  The student ID number is used as the username and the password, then hit login.  Your child’s name or a name of a sibling will appear above the map.  By touching the child’s name it will give you a list of all of your children that attend Chief Leschi.   The map will show your child’s bus coming to your stop so you can have your child ready when it arrives.  It will also show the bus coming to drop off after school.   You will be able to see if the bus has already been to your bus stop as well.  To log out, select the setup button and choose logout.   It is not necessary to log out, you can just close the app so when you open it up again you are already logged in. 

    The MY STOP program will not work on alternate time frames like late arrival Wednesday and on early dismissal days as it is based off of the programmed route which currently is only set for regular times.   If you are having trouble getting the program to work, please contact the transportation office so we can help to find a solution.