Instructional Technology

Welcome to Instructional Technology

  • For the schools and support departments, the Instructional Technology Department provides computer and network services, telecommunications, Internet access, and videoconferencing services.



    Technology vision

    • We believe that school graduates need technology supported, world-class skills to successfully compete today.
    • We believe that community knowledge, involvement, and support are vital to student learning and achievement.
    • We believe that well-prepared and well-supported teachers are critical to successful use of educational technology.
    • We believe that the school curriculum and teachers should be supported by classroom technology.
    • We believe that all technology planning, acquisition, controls, and deployment should be centered on curriculum support.
    • We believe that school technical resources should be integrated, standardized, and be provided by excellent support systems.


    Technology goals

    The Instructional Technology Goals for Chief Leschi Schools are in line with Chief Leschi Schools Improvement Plan. Technology at Chief Leschi Schools does not exist as an island in the educational process, but as another support tool to increase student achievement.

    The following are the Chief Leschi Schools technology goals:

    1. Improve student learning and achievement.
    2. Provide instructional system support to teachers.
    3. Improve access to technology for the learning community.
    4. Provide for a world-class administrative network.
    5. Develop the necessary physical environment to support school educational and administrative direction.
    6. Provide for an excellent technology support system.
    7. Provide the policy framework for successful utilization of technology through Chief Leschi Schools.