• Student achievement is the responsibility of the student, family, Leschi staff, and the community to support and lead students to success. The Communications & Data Department works to facilitate communication internally to our staff and externally to our community. We do this to support and celebrate our student excellence. 


    Digital Communications: the Chief Leschi Schools website is the center of all school information. Our goal is to provide current and revelvant information for our families and community. 


    Social Media: Chief Leschi's social media is intended for engaging the community to celebrate student achievement and to reach out to as many families as we can with important information. We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn


    Print Communications: Chief Leschi School's print communications mainly use the Tribal Newspaper as an additional way to reach out to our community. We create brochures, flyers, internal newsletters, etc. Annually, we send out our school calendar and in the future, we are working on an magazine to showcase the great things we are doing here at Chief Leschi. 


    Media: We work to develop a close partnership with local media to showcase student success. All inquiries will need to be processed through the Communications & Data Department



  • Lauren Dale

    Communications Manager

    253-445-6000, x 3142