Yondr: Phone-Free Learning Environments


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  • “Honoring our past, bringing Excellence to our future.”


    We strive to bring Excellence in all that we do at Chief Leschi, from our facilities to our instructional programs. We need your help to maintain that level of Excellence for each and every member of our learning community. The following are some expectations that we need your partnership with (these are areas of focus, for a full list of expectations please refer to the Student Handbook)*


    • Cell phone use. While phones are a good way to communicate with our children, they often become a distraction and disrupt the educational process for others. We will be enforcing a no cell phone policy this year – through a new program called “Yondr”. Please remind your students that if their phone is out during school hours (not bus rides) it will be confiscated.
    • Attendance. We want your student here every day. Every minute a student is not in the classroom, they miss important instruction that helps them to learn more and be a part of the learning process for their academic success. Students who are tardy or are not in attendance may be dis-enrolled and not eligible for re-enrollment. 
    • Dress Code. We come from a people with great respect for modesty and family representation. Please remind your student of proper attire that does not disrupt the educational process. For more information please see Student Handbook.
    • Honoring one another. Chief Leschi is a part of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and proudly represent “The Generous People” as such, we take honoring and treating one another with respect very seriously. Threats, intimidation and bullying are not aligned with our traditional ways and will be dealt with immediately through disciplinary action up to expulsion.


    As a school of Excellence, we are committed to providing an education in a safe environment that is free from discrimination, protects privacy, and is fair and just for all members of its learning community. On occasion there are times when individual or group behavior disrupt these commitments and we will need to take appropriate action to address the misconduct. This may include, but are not to be limited to:


    • Written warning or reprimand
    • Payment of costs or compensation for any loss, damage or injury caused by the conduct
    • Issuance of an apology, made publicly or privately
    • Loss of certain privileges
    • Restriction or prohibition of access to, or use of facilities, services, activities or programs
    • Suspension
    • Expulsion



    Thank you for choosing Chief Leschi as your school of choice.

    We look forward to a great year!



    *Chief Leschi reserves the right to modify any of the expectations as deemed necessary