Welcome to the Wolf Lodge 6th - 8th Grade

  • We understand that middle school is time of self-discovery and our middle school team works tirelessly to empower our students to feel confident in their abilities and skills. The Wolf Lodge offers programs rooted in traditional values that prepare our students for future success in the Eagle Lodge and beyond. Highlights of the Wolf Lodge include:


    • a place where students feel empowered and connected to their culture
    • a staff and community that values individual abilities and skills
    • small class sizes
    • a variety of sport activities
    • support for their preparation to enter the Eagle Lodge


    Interested? We welcome families to learn more about enrolling their student from our Student Information Center (Enrollment). You can call them at 253.445.6000, ext. 3190 or email at All incoming new families must come on campus to our Student Information Center (Enrollment) located in Mod 2 near the bus garages to submit an application and be considered.