Frog Lodge Leader Annual Message


    September 2019


    Welcome to the 2019-20

    School Year!

    haʔł sləx̌il.(good day) Warrior families.

    Whether you are returning to Chief Leschi or are new to our school—we are so excited to see you and get (re)acquainted!

    If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the new games painted on our playground, I hope you will take a peek! We will be teaching all students the rules for each game now painted on the concrete. We can hardly wait until the students see these new additions. Speaking of recess, you may notice that we are increasing our recess time for most grades. It is our goal for students to get 60 minutes of recess each day; last year, most grades had 50 minutes of recess time. So we were close to the recommended amount but now we are striving to ensure it happens! We know that brain and body breaks are good for students—so we are ensuring it happens. I would love your feedback on how it’s going and if you notice a positive change.

    We do have some new faces to our teaching staff this year. Most of them are not new to teaching but are new to Chief Leschi. As word of the incredible work we do here continues to spread, we are attracting a wider group of talent to our teaching staff. This is exciting and supports one of our district goals of attracting and keeping great talent on staff. As part of this, we have added a STEM specialist to our weekly schedule. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Your student will visit the STEM specialist multiple times this year. Be sure to ask them what they are learning in there!

    It should be another great year in the Frog Lodge! I welcome your feedback and look forward to partnering with you to support your child.

    It’s another great year to be a Warrior!



    Michelle Zimnisky

    Frog Lodge Leader (PreK-2ndGrade Principal)