Salmon Lodge Message

Message from Elementary Principals

  • Dear Warriors:

    Our administration team is excited to welcome each of you to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are eager to see your faces once again, hold our first circle of the year, and celebrate the growth that we know each of you will experience in the years to come!

    This year we are working together to build a school community where all are welcome, where hard work is valued, and where every student will be successful.  Students have a shared role in making this our reality.  Our leadership will be working hard to enforce rules equitably, teach students our expectations, communicate with families often and plan ahead as our year continues to unfold. 

    In order to help all students be successful we ask that each student seeks out help when they are overwhelmed, pay attention class, come to school each day ready to learn, and also to treat one another with respect and kindness.  We ask our parents that you communicate with us, help your students arrive on time, and participate in our events.  We are excited to have all of you on our team!

    Welcome Warriors!  This will be an amazing year.  We look forward to celebrating your growth and learning with each of you.



    Darin Adams and Kathryn Yates

    Elementary Principals

    Darin Adams             Kathryn Yates