Superintendent's Message

  • Dr.AmyEveskcige

    Thank you for selecting Chief Leschi as your school of choice.  We know you had many options when selecting a school to send your child(ren) to, we are honored to have you as our partner.  We have had a busy summer preparing for our students – painting, cleaning and reclaiming student spaces so our students have choice and opportunities to use their voice.  Many of our changes were a direct reflection from your feedback (independently and from surveys) as well as feedback collected from staff and students.  You will note several changes to the coming year including:

    • Transportation all grades:  As a PreK-12 campus, it was important to have us all on the same schedule.  Our secondary students in particular expressed a desire to be one community where school spirit and leadership can be afforded across the campus.  This also allows us to have a uniform start time that is easier for our families and has less disruption when one child needs to leave and the family decides to take all the children at once, which in years past had big impacts on attendance.  Additionally, research shows that our secondary students would benefit from a later start time – our neighboring districts have or are moving to a 8:30 start time to accommodate for the needs of their students. 
    • Student spaces – We have reclaimed several student spaces that were being used for other purposes.  Please stop by to see the student commons, store (“Coming Soon”), career & college ready area and our new fitness center at the secondary level.  In the elementary we were able to reclaim the stage for the purpose of performances (drama, music, talent shows, etc.). 
    • Staff:  We have many new faces in our teaching and leadership teams.  We are excited about the strengths that each of these individuals bring to our community.  They are experienced and are absolutely thrilled to be a part of our community.  While we chose them, they also chose us – when they could have chosen to be somewhere else, so glad they chose Chief Leschi and the Puyallup Tribal community.
    • Logo:  We have cast votes for a new logo, be on the lookout for the unveiling! 
    • Parent & Community Engagement Resource Center:  We want to provide the best services to you and your family – to guide and be a support to you as you navigate the system.  Stop on by room H124 to meet our Parent Involvement Specialists and our new Parent & Community Engagement Manager, Binah McCloud.
    • Culture:  We have increased the number of Circles per week to include a once a week  “All School Circle” on Fridays.  Please join us! 

    Additionally, we have adopted four goals to focus our work for the year.  In summary they are:
    (click here for .pdf version)

    • We will embed culture throughout the PK-12 School System by embracing Our Traditional Ways.
    • We will engage all members of our community in honest, respectful, consistent communication.
    • We will engage and educate the whole child.
    • A well developed, highly skilled, and effective people.

    We are looking forward to our partnership this year in service to you and your family.  Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious treasure,  your child(ren), we are honored and privileged.  We are looking forward to our partnership this year in service to you and your family.  You can expect regular updates from your student’s teacher, principal and myself throughout the year. 

    With respect,

    Amy D. Eveskcige