Career & Technical Education

  • Career and Technical Education can give your child the skills they need to succeed in life: technical skills, academic skills, and employability skills. 


    We offer a variety of courses in Career Technical Education (CTE) to provide technical skills, academic rigor, and 21st Century Leadership skills to our students. Students are able to take classes in middle school and high school that will give them the skills necessary to enter directly into the workforce, enter an apprenticeship program, and/or go to college.  Each of our CTE classes offer a leadership club for students to participate in outside of the school day to continue to build our students leadership and career skills. 


    In addition to providing our students with the skills necessary to enter the workforce, we are also able to provide dual credit in multiple CTE classes, giving students the ability to earn college credit in a high school class. CTE classes at Chief Leschi gives our students alternative pathways to graduation, allowing students to meet multiple graduation requirements in credits as well as alternatives to passing the Math and ELA SBA.