Chief Leschi Schools

Chief Leschi STEM Program 2019-20


    STEM Classroom

    The CLS elementary STEM program focuses on engineering design practices, cultural integration, and grade-level essential standards. 




    Language plays two critical roles in science learning. First it facilitates the communication of conceptual and procedural knowledge, questions and propositions. Second it mediates thinking, a process necessary for understanding. Our STEM program is in alignment with our language arts (American Reading Company), math (Eureka), and NGSS Science standards. 

    In our design studio/lab we will use an integrated STEM approach to examine science content knowledge and engage in science and engineering practices. Students will have the opportunity to teach their peers in an inclusive classroom setting, document in written form their understandings, and express their understanding through collaborative projects that are student centered.  As part of CLS’s commitment to cultural integration txʷəlšucid is used in the classroom in conjunction to English. 



    Students will be assessed on the completion and the quality of their work.  Every student will be expected to create three-dimensional models from two-dimensional designs. Students will compile a portfolio of demonstrated knowledge. Every student will demonstrate their understandings in daily evaluative seminars at the close of each class. 



    The STEM classroom’s pedagogy utilizes research and theories of Universal Design for Learning. It provides a strategy for building educational experiences that are intentionally designed to meet the needs of students with diverse needs first. This results in more engaging learning experiences for all.  CLS’s commitment to unconditional education is reflected in both the pedagogy and the action of philosophy by weekly meetings in CLS’s PLC (Professional Learning Committees) that then prompts research-based interventions before the student ever fails.



  • Natalie Salo, M.Ed.

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Elementary Teacher