Career Pathways Offered at Chief Leschi Schools

  • Connecting what you are learning in school to your future career is important to the changing work world. It is increasingly important that when students enter high school (Eagle Lodge), they realize what they are preparing themselves for to compete and succeed in the global economy. Career pathways offered at Chief Leschi Schools supports students future goals and career dreams. 


    Chief Leschi has adopted these Career Pathway Courses:


    Business and Marketing

    • Mircosoft Office*
    • Digitools
    • Business & Marketing*
    • Business Communications (this is also an ELA credit)
    • Financial Literacy (this is also a math credit)*

    Arts and Communication

    • Digital Photography*
    • Video Productions*
    • Yearbook

    Science and Natural Resources

    • Horticulture
    • Environmental Science

    Health and Human Services

    • Culinary 1*
    • Culinary 2*
    • Culinary Essentials
    • Child Development
    • Relationships and Human Development

    Engineering and Technology

    • Network Essentials

    *This CTE course offers a student a dual credit (college credit) when the student completes the course with a C grade or higher.


    We have also formed a partnership with Pierce County Careers Connections (PC3) to offer courses that give students college credits at Pierce College, Bates, and Clover Park Technical College. In addition to credits for high school and college we have started a Future Farmers of America (FFA), and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of American (FCCLA) clubs.


    Since each career pathway includes a variety of options and choices, they are applicable for all students, whether they plan to go on to four-year colleges, community or technical colleges, or directly into apprenticeships or work.