Chief Leschi Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about late-start Mondays adopted by the School Board.


    Q1. Why did our schools adopt a late-start day?


    Our expectations of our students, and therefore our teachers, have continued to grow and change. Instructional staff use our late-start day to:

    • Learn new strategies to teach students with increasingly diverse learning needs.
    • Review student learning data to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and adjust teaching to imporve outcomes for our students. 
    • Implement new curriculum that is designed to prepare students for a more complex world.
    • Master and incorporate new technology into the learning environment.
    • Plan and prepare for their daily instruction of students.


    Q2. Why have the late-start?


    To not interfere with our students and families after-school activities. 


    Q3. Won't this result in less instructional time? 


    Our schools leadership and School Board have adopted an 180-day student year, and have developed bell schedules with little to no reduction in overall classroom time. 


    Q4. Who do I contact if I have questions?


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our schools main offices at 253.445.6000.