Chief Leschi Schools

Distance Learning 2.5

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    Student and Family Information for Distance Learning 2.0

    2020-2021 School Opening


    Student Learning

    Based on guidance from the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority and the Pierce County Health Department, Chief Leschi Schools are currently planning for students to begin the 2020-2021 school year with a robust 100% distance learning model: Chief Leschi Distance Learning 2.0.


    Beginning September 2, 2020 the Distance Learning 2.0 schedule will include an intentional combination of guided and independent learning based on the age-groups and needs of the students. Many of our teachers will be teaming with grade level partners to offer core instruction and provide flexibility for breakouts and small group sessions.



    Chief Leschi Distance Learning 2.0 has two different distance learning schedules, PK-5th and 6th – 12th, each built to closely mirror a typical school schedule for our students. As well as being posted on the CLS website, schedules will be emailed to families the week of August 24th.


    Key Features:

    • Daily attendance will be recorded in each class
    • Each class will include a developmentally appropriate balance of guided and independent learning
    • Assignments and practice activities focused on learning essential skills and concepts
    • Regular Elementary specialist time and a variety of Secondary electives
    • Scheduled intervention time for core academics
    • Monday support for students needing additional 1:1 or small group instruction
    • All-school virtual Circle twice a week: Monday at 10:30 AM and Friday at 10:10 AM



    Chief Leschi Schools will continue using report card grades as a means of communicating student progress at all grade levels and for determining high school credit.  The Distance Learning 2.0 grading procedures will maintain alignment to the Washington State Learning Standards, state requirements, and prepare students for entry to post-secondary opportunities.


    These procedures are intended to mirror what students will expect when they return to campus and can be referenced in the elementary and secondary student handbooks.


    Digital Citizenship

    CLS teaching sites are secure platforms to ensure student and teacher privacy. When our students are participating in online video or audio discussions, do not capture pictures or videos of this learning to post it on social media. This is a violation of privacy laws. Parents or guardians may take pictures of their own children and post them at their own discretion.


    Special Services

    Students receiving special services, including students with Individual Education Plans, will attend virtual classes and receive appropriate accommodations provided by their general education teacher for core instruction.


    Special Education and Gifted & Talented staff will provide in-class support as well as additional supports within breakout sessions in their regular classes and/or on Mondays.  Students receiving Speech/Language, Occupational or Physical therapy will be provided with “Teletherapy” services to continue their therapy needs.


    If student data indicates it is necessary, academic or therapy services may also be provided on-site at Chief Leschi Schools on Mondays. Chief Leschi staff and students will adhere to all health protocols.



    Regular attendance at school is vital for students to achieve maximum benefit from our school programs and to be career and college ready, even ing a distance learning environment. 


    Teachers will be recording daily attendance each period and will contact families if a student shows a pattern of absences. 


    When student absences occur, students will able to watch the recorded lesson and complete the assignments within the week instruction occurred. 


    Office Hours

    Office hours is a virtual time where secondary teachers provide consistent, predictable instructional support to students and families. Secondary teachers will be online in MS Teams available for students or families to contact them.


    Elementary classroom teachers regularly scheduled office hours on Friday from 10:50-11:30; however, they can be also reached before and after school or during specialist teaching time.


    You can download the Microsoft Teams app to be used on your phone or tablet, or home computer as well. Please check your students schedule to see when their teachers are available.


    When will school start in-person again?

    Our Chief Leschi staff look forward to seeing students fill our hallways and classrooms with the joy of learning.

    However, we also recognize the importance of providing an environment that provides students with the best health and safety protections we can offer. We will continue to work closely with the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority and the Pierce County Health Department to plan for a staged approach to returning to in-person education.