Chief Leschi Schools

Science & Engineering: Natural Resources Pathway

  • If you’re interested in protecting wildlife habitats and the environment while meeting the evergrowing demand for, clean water, outdoor recreation, and scenic beauty, then studying natural resources management is right for you. Studying natural resources will prepare you for professional opportunities in environmental monitoring, such as endangered species and wetland delineation, restoration of disturbed land, and management of forested lands. Students may work for tribal, federal, state, and local land management and planning agencies or non-governmental organizations and legislative bodies concerned with land use policies and laws.

Career Opportunities in Puyallup Tribe

  • The Science & Engineering: Natural Resources Pathway can lead you to:

    • Chief Leschi Schools
      • Science Teacher
      • Grounds Crew
    • Lands Use Office
    • Shellfish Department
    • Hunting & Wildlife Department
    • Fisheries Deparment 

Post-High Education Opportunities

    • Bachelors Degree in Natural Resources Conservation
    • Masters of Science in Natural Resources
    • Associate of Science in Natural Resources
    • Organic Agriculture Certificate
    • Minor in Wildlife Ecology 

Courses Offered at Chief Leschi Schools

Cluster Course Name 9th 10th 11th 12th
Natural Resources Ecology & Natural Resources x
Natural Resources Conservation x
Environmental Science x x
Natural Resources Management & Policy Internship x x

Science & Engineering: Natural Resources Pathway Advisory Board

Name Position
Sylvia Miller Puyallup Tribal Council
Jennifer Keating Puyallup Tribal Planning Department, Citizens for a Healthy Bay
David Winfrey Shellfish Biologist, Puyallup Tribe
Nancy Shippentower-Games Director, Puyallup Tribal Shellfish Department
Fred Ramey Head of Operations, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
Christopher Towe Environmental Education Program Manager, Pierce Conservation District
Nick Earl Parent of current student, fisherman
Emily Pinckney Point Defiance Zoo Youth Volunteer Program
Blake Smith Enhancement Director, Puyallup Fisheries
Julian Close Fisheries Biologist, Puyallup Fisheries
Elsie Mitchell Science and Engineering CTE teacher