Chief Leschi Schools

Health Sciences: Medical Careers Pathway

  • Are you interested in science, helping others, or discovering new things? Students in the Health Science Pathway learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse posthigh school education and training opportunities from apprenticeships and two-year college programs to four-year college and graduate programs.


    Healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the United States. In the Health Science: Medical Careers Pathway you can prepare for a career that promotes health, wellness and diagnosis, and treats injuries and diseases.

Career Opportunities in Puyallup Tribe

  • The Health Sciences: Medical Careers Pathway can lead you to:


    • Chief Leschi Schools
      • Nurse
    • Puyallup Tribal Health Authority
    • Children Services
    • Salish Cancer Center
    • Elder Services Wellness Center
      • CNA, LPN, RN, Dr., Dental Assistant, Dentist, Hygenist

Post-High Education Opportunities

    • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
    • Medical Assistant (MA)
    • Associates Pre-Nursing Degree
    • Nursing Assistant
    • Phlebotomy Certificate
    • Associates in Applied Science Physical Therapy Assistant
    • Masters of Science in Nursing
    • Masters in Psychology
    • Doctorate in Medicine

Courses Offered at Chief Leschi Schools

Cluster Course Name 9th 10th 11th 12th
Medical Careers Intro to Medical Careers x x x x
Medical Terminology x x x
Sports Medicine x x
Sports Medicine 2 x
Medical Careers Internship x x

Health Sciences: Medical Careers Pathway Advisory Board

Name Position
Corinne Bernardy Nurse, Puyallup Tribal Health Authority
Dr. Karen Wolf Head Veterinarian, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
Dr. Kelsey Motanic DR at PTHA
Dr. Mitchell Ornelas DR at PTHA
Laramie Lunday DR at PTHA