Class of 2020

GED/High School Completion Program

  • Have you ever wished you had finished high school?  Whether you have been out of high school for years, or have recently decided to finish getting your high school diploma, Chief Leschi Schools is partnering with Grays Harbor College to offer multiple paths to make this a reality. 



    If you did not finish high school, the GED® maybe your best pathway to completing high school. Most colleges and employers accept a GED® credential as being equivalent to a high school diploma. Each year more than 14,000 Washington residents earn their GED® credentials.

    The GED® is a series of four tests in Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics and practice tests are available in English and Spanish.  CLS can assist you in registering for the practice and official GED® tests through Grays Harbor College. GHC offers the Transitions, pre-college classes needed to help you prepare for the tests.

    To learn more contact Chief Leschi Schools Counseling Department at 253-445-6000 ext. 3002. 


    High School+ - Earn a High School Diploma

    If you have high school credits, work experience, military experience, certifications, or other life experience, but no high school diploma or equivalency, the High School+ program could be for you!


    Some benefits of the HS+ program are:

    • You earn your high school diploma, not a high school equivalency
    • Working on your diploma can open doors to possible funding support and a quicker path to vocational training and/or degree programs
    • The cost is $25 per quarter (waivers available),

    If you are interested, call Chief Leschi Schools Counseling Department at 253-445-6000 ext. 3002 for more information.  


    High School Completion

    This program is for individuals who would like to complete high school by taking college-level classes to meet any Washington State high school graduation requirements that are not completed. Participants must be over 19 years of age to participate in the program.  

    To learn more contact Chief Leschi Schools Counseling Department at 253-445-6000 ext. 3002.