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Questions from Vendors:

We are planning on submitting a bid for your E-Rate request for UPS equipment. I had a couple questions regarding the intended use of some of the requested equipment in order to ensure any bid we submit best meets your needs:

  • The requested unit SU10000RT3U2TF is reported as going EOL soon which may create availability issues. A replacement model of equivalent kVA is recommended, however the model recommended as a replacement comes with 18 5-15/20R (120V) outlets rather than 24. Was the intent to utilize all 24 of the 5-15/20R (120V) outlets on the unit?

What model is the suggested replacement?  We will not be using many of the 5-15/20R outlets on the step-down transformer modules.  The PDUs will be the primary connections to equipment and will be connected to the L6-20P outlets on the UPS.  The important part is to be online double-conversion 208VAC with a rear panel PDU with sufficient L6-20P connections.


  • The requested PDUMV20HVNETLX has a NEMA L6-20P input. Is there already existing L6-20R receptacles available for these PDUs and was the intent to use any of these PDUs with the L6-30R receptacles of the requested  SU10000RT3U2TF?

All the PDUs will be connected to the UPS on the L6-20P outlets.  Four L6-20P (4) outlets on the main UPS PDU panel.  We’ll use L6-30P to L6-20P break out cables for the other two (2) PDU connections.


  • The BP240V10RT3U Battery Packs are used with 3-phase 240V UPS units. Can you confirm that there 3-phase 240V UPS units already in use that these battery packs will be connected to?

Thank you and I hope to hear back soon!

                The BP240V10RT3U is compatible with the above requested UPS.  The package UPS requested above physically comes with one (1) BP240V10RT3U by default.

We know of another site that has the exact same equipment installed and functional with multiple BP240V10RT3U for extended runtime.

RFP - 

Network Switching - Form #240012637