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Emergency Information

Emergency Communication Plan


Chief Leschi Schools has developed procedures for dealing with the potential student and school crises. 

An Important Component of That Plan Is the Dispersion of Communication to Our Staff, Students, and Families.


After the Crisis Has Been Identified and Appropriate Intervention Put Forth, Communication to the School Community Shall Begin Immediately in the Following Ways:


  • Mass Staff Email: Once a Message Has Been Crafted, Sending the Message to Staff First so All Staff Is Aware in the Outlook All Staff Email List.

  • Website Pop-up: Update the Website Pop-up That Notifies All Visitors to Our Website of the Crisis.

  • Blackboard Connect: We Use a Third-party Communication System That Automates a Phone Call, Email, and Text Message to Families.

  • Social Media: Craft or Use Generic Graphics to Post on Official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Accounts. Craft a Message in Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Emergency Response

Our schools have an Emergency Action Plan that help them prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies that may occur on campus. 

The Emergency Action Plan covers the following areas:

    • Lockdown

    • Earthquake

    • Evacuation

    • Fire

    • Lahar

    • Shelter-in-place

Emergency Reunification

In the event of a lahar evacuation or other emergency needing the evacuation of campus, Chief Leschi Schools has partnered with Evergreen Lutheran High School to utilize their parking lot as our reunification site.

Evergreen Lutheran High School

7306 Waller Rd E, Tacoma, WA 98443

It is important that families make plans to reunite with their children at the site, not at Chief Leschi Schools, so that the school can evacuate quickly and safely.

Here is information about what to expect when picking your student up at our reunification site.      

  • Enter Evergreen Lutheran High School on 72nd Street
  • You will be required to show Photo Identification
  • Have patience and follow directions from school staff
  • If you are unable to retrieve your student, the school can only release your student to someone who is on the emergency contact list you submitted to the school.
  • Exit Evergreen Lutheran High School to Waller Rd E