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Daily changes to your child’s transportation?  Follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure to let us know as early as possible if there is a change in your child’s transportation.
  • In order to make sure the school, bus driver and the transportation office knows about a change for afternoon drop off, be sure to contact the transportation office no later than 1:30pm at 253-445-4000.
  • If your child is going home with another child, the parent of the other child needs to call us and verify that they have given permission for your child to visit.

Getting your child to the right location is important to us. Your child’s safety is our number one goal.  Help us to always make that happen by following these guidelines. 

Transportation Department


Christi Cragle-Kindt

Christi Cragle-Kindt

Director of Transportation

253-445-6000, ext. 4001

Karianna Osorio

Assistant Director of Transportation

253-445-6000, ext. 4002

Robin Clark

Driver Trainer/Dispatcher

253-445-6000, ext. 4004