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Inclement Weather

Transportation’s role in the event of inclement weather is to gather as much information from other surrounding districts, weather reports and driving the roads to be able to make a recommendation to the superintendent if school should be delayed or closed.  The decision to close school should be made as close to 5:00AM as possible so families know what is happening. 

To find out if there is a change in the daily schedule due to weather, go to then select your area on the map and then select South Sound Private/Charter Schools, then select Chief Leschi Schools to get current information on school delays or closures.  If there is no information, it means school will run on normal schedule.  If school is running 2 hours late, the bus will pick up at your normal bus stop 2 hours later than the normal pick up time.     

You can also listen to the local radio stations or watch the local television channels for information on delays or closures of school.  Once we notify School Report of a change in schedule, the radio stations and TV channels will start reporting the information right away.  Be   sure to have a battery operated radio in case the power goes out.                        

If the weather worsens during the day or after students have been dropped off at school, be sure to check the radio or TV after 10:30AM to see if there is an early dismissal due to weather.  A robo call will go out to all families if school will be dismissed early.  Be sure the school has your current phone number so you get all the important messages. 

Each family needs to have a plan in place for weather related emergencies so students know where to go and transportation knows to drop them if a different location is needed.   Be sure there is a parent or an adult to meet the bus for all elementary students if they need to be dropped at an alternate location. 

Your patience and understanding is needed during adverse conditions as buses may be delayed by road conditions.  Your child’s safety is the driver’s number one priority.