Chief Leschi Schools

Continuous Learning 3.0

  • Student and Family Information for Continuous Learning 2.0

    2021-2022 School Opening


    Based upon the recommendations from the CDC, Washington State Health Department, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Puyallup Tribal Health Authority, School Board and Tribal Council, we are updating our COVID precautionary measures that will be effective as of Monday, March 14.


    Here is what is changing starting on Monday, March 14:

    • Masks are optional for students, staff and visitors to the CLS campus.
    • Masks are optional on transportation as well.


    Here is what is staying the same:

    • Classrooms and office spaces will be disinfected/misted on an as-needed basis based upon confirmed COVID exposure.
    • Air purification systems will continue to be in use.
    • Voluntary COVID testing is still available for students, staff and CLS community.
    • Vaccinations will continue to be required as a condition of employment.

    Student Learning

    Based on guidance from the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority and the Pierce County Health Department and OSPI, Chief Leschi Schools is currently planning for students to begin the 2021-2022 school year fully in person.

    Beginning September 1, 2021 students will attend classes in person full time with required safety procedures in place. Please use our 2021-22 Chief Leschi Buildings Safety Guide as a reference for how we have adopted operational protocols. While students are highly encouraged to return to in-person learning, for those wishing to remain online or for those who may experience occasional illness, all classes will be broadcasted live to students via MS Teams. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 trends and follow the guidance from Puyallup Tribal Health Authority, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to keep our students and staff safe. If you or your student would like to remain online, please click here to fill out the CLS Online School Application.



    Chief Leschi will be operating on a normal school schedule for both in-person and online classes. 


    For both in-person and online students:

    • Daily attendance will be recorded in each class
    • Each class will include a developmentally appropriate balance of guided and independent learning
    • Assignments and practice activities focused on learning essential skills and concepts
    • Regular Elementary specialist time and a variety of Secondary electives
    • Scheduled intervention time for core academics
    • All-school virtual Circle twice a week: Monday and Friday



    Chief Leschi Schools will continue using report card grades to communicate student progress at all grade levels and determine high school credit.  The grading procedures will maintain alignment to the Washington State Learning Standards, state requirements, and prepare students for entry to post-secondary opportunities.

    These procedures are intended to mirror what students expect when they return to campus and be referenced in the elementary and secondary student handbooks.


    Digital Citizenship

    CLS teaching sites are secure platforms to ensure student and teacher privacy. When our students are participating in online video or audio discussions, do not capture pictures or videos of this learning to post it on social media. This is a violation of privacy laws. Parents or guardians may take pictures of their own children and post them at their own discretion.


    Special Services

    For those students opting to remain online and who are currently receiving special services, including students with Individual Education Plans and 504’s, will receive appropriate accommodations provided by their general education teacher for core instruction.

    Special Education and Gifted & Talented staff will provide in-class support as well as additional supports within breakout sessions in their regular classes as directed by the teacher.  Students receiving Speech/Language, Occupational or Physical therapy will be provided with “Teletherapy” services to continue their therapy needs.

    If student data indicates it is necessary, academic or therapy services are highly encouraged to be provided on-site at Chief Leschi Schools. Chief Leschi staff and students will adhere to all health protocols.



    Whether school is attended in-person or in an online setting, regular school attendance is vital for students to achieve maximum benefit from our school programs and to be career and college-ready. 

    Teachers will record daily attendance each period and contact families if a student shows a pattern of absences. 

    When student absences occur, students will able to complete make-up assignments. This does not reverse the recorded absence but does provide students with an opportunity to learn important content.


    Teacher Contact and Communication 

    As teachers return to full-time in-person instruction contact time becomes more limited.  CLS teachers are able to return calls as well as meet virtually online in MS Teams and are available for students or families to contact them 30 minutes prior to the school day and 30 minutes after the school day.  Teachers will be checking with online students throughout the day at natural intervals within the instructional day.

    You can download the Microsoft Teams app to be used on your phone or tablet, or home computer as well. Please check your student's schedule to see when their teachers might have additional availability.


    When should I send my student to school in person again?

    We will continue to work closely with the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority, Pierce County Health Department, and OSPI to ensure the most up-to-date protocols are in place.  We also recognize that not all families may be comfortable with in-person instruction at this time.  If you still wish to keep your student online, we will continue to provide full educational access to live instruction throughout our regular scheduled school day.  Students are highly encouraged to attend in person and may return at any time. If you or your student would like to remain online, please click here to fill out the CLS Online School Application.