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Welcome to Safety & Security

  • Welcome to the Safety and Security Page!

    Chief Leschi Schools takes the safety of every child, student, staff, and visitor seriously.

    Safety starts with our administrators, teachers, and staff, nurturing a caring learning community that values respect and trust between adults and students. We want all those who enter our campus to feel welcome, connected, and safe.

    We also want our students to understand what's expected of them and to receive any support they may need.

  • "Safety Message of the Month"

    As our school year begins and new faces start to fill our halls, make sure we’re always wearing our badges and have them visible to be easily identified as an employee. We are looking forward to having an amazing, safe school year!


  • Devenaire Nichols        Bill Veliz      

    Devenaire Nichols          Crystal VanBuren                      Bill Veliz                          Dierre Spiegner 

    Security Lead                     Campus Security            Director of Operations             District Safety Officer  

    253-606-7581                       253-344-0586                  253-445-6000 x 3034           253-445-6000 x 3148