Chief Leschi Schools

For the Children of Chief Leschi Schools

  • "Whatever the future holds, do not forget who you are. Teach your children, teach your children’s children, and then teach their children also. Teach them the pride of a great people … A time will come again when they will celebrate together with joy. When that happens my spirit will be there with you." 

    ~ Chief Leschi, Nisqually


    ƛ’ububƛ’ub’ - Be Kind

Canoe & Community

  • The Canoe Journey is a revival of the traditional method of transportation and is a significant cultural experience for all participants. It began in 1989, when the “Paddle to Seattle” took place as part of the 100th anniversary of Washington Statehood. That year, the state and indigenous governments signed the Centennial Accord, recognizing indigenous sovereignty. Fifteen Native Nations participated in the Paddle to Seattle. [Learn More]

    Today our school continues the tradition. If you would like to join please talk to your culture teacher and keep in mind that their’s an age requirement.

  • kʷaxʷalikʷ - Be Helpful

Drum & Dance

  • You can watch a live-stream of all school Circle on Fridays on our official social media sites.





    ʔabalikʷ - Be Sharing

Indigenous Art

  • From culinary to design, our arts program is growing in leaps and bounds. Check with your teachers to see what classes are available for you.



  • Binah McCloud

    Binah McCloud

    Director of Student Success and Culture


    David Sway-La Duenas

    Culture Teacher


    Davina Barril

    Davina Barril

    Culture Teacher

    Khukhundagéin yóo xhát duwasáakw Lingít xh’eináxh. Davina Barril yóo xhát duwasáakw dleit khaa xh’eináxh. Ch’aak naaxh áyá xhát. I am Eagle moeity. Wooshkeetaan xhát sitee. I am Wooshkeetaan. Tóos hít daxh áyá xhát. I am from the Shark House.

    Besides reclaiming our indigenous foods: gathering, planting, making oils, salves, cooking, I also enjoy reclaiming languages, Lingít and twulshootseed. My goal is to help build a stronger community and pass on the knowledge through cultural education.


    Bart Brewer

    Bart Brewer

    Culture Teacher

    I am the son of David C Brewer, deceased father and Yakama Tribal member, and Karen Brewer, non-native. I am a descendant of Yakama, Flathead, Puyallup, Snoqualmie and Canadian Indian. I grew up in the Puyallup valley.

    I was inspired to become a teacher and coach from my aunt. Eventually working at Chief Leschi Schools where I’ve taught math and other subjects for over 30 years. I help others by being available for them and in 2020 I’m joining the Culture Team.

     “We will be known FOREVER by the tracks we leave.”   Dakota Indian Proverb.


    Carl Lorton, Jr.

    Carl Lorton, Jr.

    Culture Teacher

    I’m a culture teacher, carver, canoe family skipper, indigenous culinary teacher also involved with drum and dance. I started my work at Chief Leschi School in Facilities then worked my way up to high school culture teacher with the blessing from Puyallup tribal elders.

    It’s my honor to skipper our CLS canoe that had been resting for decades. This journey has motivated me to do more for our students including after school activities. My favorite quote comes from the canoe journey, ”Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”


    Sophia Loucks

    Sophia Loucks

    Culture Teacher

    I work as a middle school culture teacher at Chief Leschi Schools. If I look familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen me at one of the Puyallup Language Classes or Coastal Jams!

    When I was a very young student at CLS, one of my teachers taught me a phrase, “We will once again open this box of wisdom that has been left in our care,” and as a child that inspired me to carry on cultural knowledge. I love seeing the spark in our students when they choose to carry this awareness too.

    “When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.” Chief Seattle, Suquamish & Duwamish.