• Mission

    The mission of the Chief Leschi Schools Student Services department is to help each child be capable, connected, and contributing to their growth, their tribe, and their community.

    The purpose of Student Services is to provide instructional support and related services to help each student achieve their greatest potential.



    The following are the goals of the Chief Leschi Schools Student Services department:

    • Provide early interventions to ensure that students are appropriately identified and provided services.
    • Ensure that students are appropriately taught in the least restrictive settings to meet their needs.
    • Document that each child is making progress toward his or her individual education plan (IEP) goals.
    • Use active case management to individually support each child’s progress toward mastery on aligned academic standards.
    • Deliver appropriate transitional services to students for successful post-secondary placements.
    • Provide comprehensive related services to increase attainment of IEP goals.
    • Provide extended school years.
    • Increase self-advocacy and self-reliance for each student with an individual education plan.


    • Special Education Instruction
    • Academic and Psychological Assessment
    • Speech and Language Service
    • Occupational Therapy 
    • Physical Therapy 
    • Intervention Service 
    • Transition Support
    • Child Find Support
    • Gifted and Talented