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Daffodil Dinner

It was a flurry of yellow, fragrant flowers, soft light and delicious food in the cafeteria Monday, December 10th, as we honored our 2019 Daffodil Princess at our Annual Daffodil Dinner. 

CLS Daffodil 2018 and 2019 Princesses

Angelina Dillon, who reigned as our 2018 Daffodil Princess, bid farewell to her title during the crowning ceremony for Jessica Daub, our 2019 Daffodil Princess. 


Annette Bryan


Tribal Council's Annette Bryan was our MC for the night. The Daffodil Committee shared words of enouragement and support for the Daffodil Princesses. The Daffodil Executive Director Tim Smith was honored for his work with a paddle. We raise our hands to our Tribal Council and Daffodil Committee for supporting the Daffodil Court. 

Daffodil Dinner Daffodil Committee


Jessica was joined by 22 other princesses representing other school districts who were honored at the dinner as well. 

Jessica Daub Crowned Leschi Daffodil Princess

Jessica was honored from the All Nations Foundation "Keeping the Dream Alive Scholarship" that was started 6 years ago in memory of our 2012 Daffodil Princess Alexandria Cole. We want to thank Bill Cahil of Beacon Plumbing, who is the donor to this scholarship, as well as the Founder and Representative Joe Hipp and Sophia Hipp for supporting our students. 

Jessica Daub earning scholarship

Sophia Hipp, Jessica Daub, and Rafael Sermeno as Jessica is honored with the "Keeping the Dream Alive" Scholarship

Jessica will represent Chief Leschi Schools in the 86th Annual Daffodil Festival.