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American Indian Science & Engineering Society Visits Chief Leschi

 Coding, robotics, programing, engagement.


Third, fourth, and fifth grade students were visited by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) on Wednesday, February 6th. Our students received a basic introduction to Sphero Bolt Robotics along with basic programming. This is part of AISES new K-12 program that combines robotics and computer programing to create interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and Computer Science (STEM+C) among Native American students. This AISES program included 15 Spehro Bolt Robots, charging station, and 15 tablets that will remain at our school for all students and teachers to use and explore STEM and computer programing further.


During the introduction from AISES, students were handed a small spherical robot and were demonstrated how to make the robot move. 

Students learn about coding

Students (and teachers) then tested out their new skill out in the upstairs elementary hallway. 

Teacher Kayla Guyett and students learn about coding

Students were then taught about coding and learned about how computer programming worked. Students were shown how to code their robot to move in certain shapes, angles, and in words. Students coded their robot to make certain noises and shine colors. 

Students learn about coding

Students code their robot Students learn to code Students learn about coding

The goal of this program is to inspire young Native minds to pursue and excel in STEM and Computer Science education. Thank you to American Indian Science and Engineering Society for coming to our school! We are excited to see our students interests in STEM and computer science grow! 

Students Code their robots

Students excited about STEM+C!