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Student Feature: Kianna Hammons

9th Grader Kianna Hammons is very connected to her culture. As a Chief Leschi student since 4th grade, Kianna’s love and interest her in background was supported throughout her career here at school. She is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and actively involves herself in learning about her ancestors.



In one her classes, she deeply embeds herself in learning about her tribe and how to bring her tribes culture to her art work. Carl Lorton, Culture Teacher and a big fan of Kianna’s art work, supports her research and learning about her culture here at Chief Leschi.


A rattle that Carl is particularly proud of that Kianna made, he displays with pride as he shakes it and shows it off for Kianna.


“This rattle that Kianna made is very special,” Carl says. “She put her heart and soul into this. It was centered around her cultural teachings. She represented the four colors which were very important to her.”


Kianna’s rattle is shaped like a feather, with detailed paintings of red, black, yellow, and white—the colors of her tribe’s medicine wheel.


“I like feathers, feathers are cool,” Kianna said as she describes her rattle. “They come from Eagles and Eagles are honorable. I’m all about my tribe, so I wanted this piece to represent the colors of the medicine wheel.”


This rattle is particularly special not only because of her tribe’s representation, but also because of what Kianna wanted someone to feel when they held the rattle.


“When I was making the rattle, I made sure I was calm and peaceful. I wanted this rattle to have a strong energy. When I give this rattle away, I want the person to feel strong, so they know they can get through the hard and heavy,” Kianna said.


Carl, her teacher that watched Kianna make this beautiful rattle, said, “The rattle represented her way of speaking without talking. As a teacher, to have a student work and not communicate in words on a project, it has a deeper meaning than words can say.”


This story is part of our social media series #OurLeschiLegacy as a way to celebrate student achievement. Kianna's teacher Carl Lorton nominated her for a student feature to highlight her beautiful artwork. So she was added to the Leschi legacy series! Way to go, Kianna! We are honored to have you as a part of our legacy! 


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