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Annual Girls Basketball Trip to University of Washington, Seattle

Written by Girls Basketball Coach Jarrod Plummer:


Congratulations to our Chief Leschi High School Girls’ Basketball team who finished a historic season with the experience of a lifetime. The ladies finished the season with a 12-12 record (best in school history) and went further in the post season tournament than any other team in school history, just one win shy of regionals.


On March 1st, we ended our season with a day spent at the University of Washington in Seattle. We started the day with a stop to the Seattle Center to visit the Space Needle followed by some leisure time at the park and lunch at Dick’s Drive-In.


After lunch was when the real experience started with our arrival on the UW campus. To start, we found our way to the Intellectual House (aka The Long House). This beautiful new building gave the team an enlightening firsthand look at the different native cultures represented on UW’s campus.  The volunteers were very helpful in explaining different opportunities that help support and encourage the growing of Native population at UW.  It demonstrated a lot of pride about the native community and seemed to give the team a sense pride as our day went on. The tour highlighted some of the many avenues for incoming and current students to get involved on campus, including educational clubs, jobs, powwows, and social gatherings. The tour also discussed the school’s plans for growing native culture and pride on campus in the future. This was a perfect start to our day on campus.

UW Seattle

Once we left The Long House we made our way to the Husky Student Union Building (HUB). There we listened to a 30-minute talk on the steps of the college admission process, both in general and specifically for the UW, followed by a Q&A. This was followed by a great 75-minute campus tour that included interactive classrooms, landmarks and, the most impressive in my mind, The Reading Room.  The Reading Room reminds you of a building from Harry Potter. It was amazing. 

Reading Room: UW

Once our campus tour was complete we went to The Ram for a team dinner, but the grand finale of the day was sitting two rows behind the UW bench to witness a great game between the UW Lady Huskies and the California Lady Golden Bears.

After the game we were able to take a picture and get autographs from all the UW Lady Huskies. This was a great experience for our Lady Warriors.


Thanks to all who have supported us this season!  #WARRIORPRIDE #WARRIORFAMILY #NEXTYEAROURYEAR