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2019 Culture Day "Honoring Our Elders"

Posted 5/6/2019


"We honor the old ones for their wisdom. They are not cast aside, but continue to hold a place of honor in our families and communities." -Billie Frank Jr.


Culture Day


Friday, May 3rd was a day full of celebration and honor for our Elders during our annual Culture Day. Students from our Early Childhood Program to our high school students presented their learning and gifts. 

Culture Day

Culture Day is a day full of celebration of our culture and traditions. We heard stories of "How Nettles Saved the People," presentation of Sovereignty, Social Studies, Treaties, the Cradle Board Dance from Early Childhood Education Program Parents, Pow Wow dances, and much more.


Culture Day

At the end of the presentations of learning, students then shared gifts with our Elders. 

Culture Day Culture Day Culture Day Culture Day Culture Day

"The measure of a man's character is not measured by what he gets from his ancestors, but by what he leaves his descendants."