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First Annual Elementary Math Relay

Posted 5/21/2019


It was a beautiful day on Friday, May 17th for our First Annual Elementary Math Relay! A math relay combines both physical and mental challenges in a fun and exciting team-building event!


Math Relay Math Relay

High school students volunteered to help out with the event. They supported, cheered on, and helped elementary students make their way through the math relay. 


Math Relay Math Relay Math Relay Math Relay

Staff also had some fun and participated in their own math relay against their elementary students!

Math Relay  

Congratulations to our Math Relay teams that won!

Kindergarten: Lightening Team

  • William Miller
  • Isabella Frederick
  • Chenoa Peltier
  • Lily Gonseth

1st grade: Flower Team

  • Kyle Peterson
  • Edmond Contreras
  • Faith Ohler

2nd grade: Circle Team

  • Jose Perez-Ramiez
  • Sophia Scabbyrobe
  • Terrance Bradley
  • Sheyne Ohler
  • Ariana Lozier

3rd grade: Moon Team

  • Isabel Oya-Linares
  • Jessula Running Hawk
  • Cody Marcus
  • Freedom RisingSun
  • Dontae Simmons

4th grade: Star Team

  • Sean Jonathan
  • Jayleah Fisher
  • Anahy Molinero-Case
  • Kingston LaPointe-Augkopinee
  • Ahnika McKinney

5th grade: Heart Team

  • Thomas Burwell
  • Nyveeh Burgess
  • Ryder LaPoint-Augkhopinee
  • Makanda Williams

Math Relay

Math Relay

Thank you to our staff that helped put this event together!