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Staff Recognition Recipients

Staff Recognition

We are please to announce the recipients of our Staff Reconigiton Awards! 

(Front left to right)

Belinda Frederick

Belinda Frederick, Middle School SPED Teacher received the Teacher of the Year Award! "Belinda is always cheerful, kind and loving to her students and team. This year she has stepped up and supported the High School SPED students as well as her own. Belinda always turns in exceptional paperwork. Belinda takes the time with the parents that attend the IEP meetings to make sure they understand. She is a joy to work with and so supportive of all the students at CLS," writes Tamara Romo, Student Services Office Coordinator. 


Demmarie McKay

Demmarie McKay, one of our Elementary Secretary's won Employee of the Year Award! "Demmarie came to Chief Leschi with an open mind and open heart, ready to serve our students in anyway. She was able to build bonds with students, families and staff as a Para educator and bring the strength from those relationships to her role as our elementary secretary. She is often the first face and voice families and staff meet when arriving at Chief Leschi. Everyone knows they can depend on her to get correct information on any number of topics from: schedules, substitutes, nursing and even behavior intervention. Her welcoming personality puts everyone at ease and her dependable character is an invaluable asset to Chief Leschi Schools," writes Holly Nutter, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program Family Support Specialist.



Sau Fa'alelea

Sau Fa'alelea, one of our Enrollment Specialist won the Making a Difference Award! "Sau makes a different for Chief Leschi Schools everyday through both her professionalism and attention to personal interactions... She has a very thorough understanding of reporting and audit requirements, and has excellent record keeping procedures... On a personal level, Sau treats everyone with kindness and respect. She consistently has a calm and sunny disposition and her calming voice and mannerisms can comfort even the most distraught parent, student or colleague. I am grateful every day that I have Sau to rely on for back up and support," writes Angela Lewis, Enrollment Specialist.


Michelle Zimnisky

Michelle Zimnisky, Frog Lodge Leader won the Distinguished Leader Award! "Mrs. Zimnisky has proven to be a distinguished leader with her ability to lead with grace and compassion. When times are stressful, she is sure to supportive in the most positive manner possible. [Michelle] has the ability to bring her team together so we are united and supportive even in her absence. She is able to have tough conversations that lead to productive problem solving even in the event that not all parties completely agree. With so much responsibility, I have always received assurance that she is listening and ready to help. Communication and reliability are just a few of her strong suits as a distinguished leader, and I am thankful to be a part of Mrs. Zimnisky's Frog Lodge Team!" writes Holly Nutter, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program Family Support Specialist.



Makenna Taggart

Makenna Taggart, 1st Grade Teacher won the Rookie of the Year Award! "Makenna is a wonderful new teacher who is going to move mountains! She is kind and calm. She is inquisitive and growth minded. She is willing to put in the time to learn more and takes the time to seek feedback for improvement and try new strategies based on feedback. Her openness to others' ideas is impressive. She doesn't wait for opportunities to find her; she seeks and finds them and grows at an incredible rate because of it. The evidence of such growth is in her classroom. Her students had so much to learn socially and emotionally as well as academically--and they did-- because she, the teacher, was a willing learner. As she learning, the students learned. When things go awry, she asks questions; never criticize, rather, she seeks to understand. She is a model of growth-mindset, kindness, and professionalism," writes Michelle Zimnisky, Frog Lodge Leader


*not pictured*

Heather Miller, our elementary P.E. teacher won Inspirational Staff Member Award! "Heather Miller is present and always helping someone. She is full of knowledge and guidance and brings an air of commitment to whatever room she is in. She has cheered on me, guided me, laughed with me, and just been a great colleague," writes Tawni Bell, Elementary Teacher.