Career & Technical Education at Chief Leschi Schools

Posted 8/3/2020


At Chief Leschi Schools, we offer five pathways that support our scholars dream careers: Hospitality Culinary, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Natural Resources Program, Education, AV (Audio Visual) Technology, and Health Sciences. Each of these pathways offers a career at a tribal enterprise.


Hospitality: Culinary Arts Pathway

The hospitality culinary pathway is a great fit for students who want to learn how to cook, understand management, or want to own their own restaurant.  This pathway will help develop your skills needed to prepare a restaurant menu, provide excellent customer service and be a chef. This pathway can lead you into:

  • Learn professional cooking and baking techniques
  • Practice purchasing and managing inventory
  • Master basic kitchen and hotel management


Post-High Education Opportunities:

  • Certified Culinarians
  • Associates of Applied Science Culinary Arts
  • Restaurant Production Certificate
  • Bachelors in Hospitality Management
  • Associates in Baking & Pastry
  • Associate in Culinary Arts Sous Chef

Most programs in Culinary Arts are 9 months to two years to obtain certifications


Career Opportunities in the Puyallup Tribe

  • Chief Leschi Schools Food Services
  • Emerald Queen Casino & Hotel
    • Tatoosh Grill
    • Paradise Deli
    • International Restaurant
    • Asian Garden
    • Palace Deli
    • Catering Services
    • Summit Sportsbar
    • Coffee Bars
    • Additional eateries coming soon


Science & Engineering: Natural Resources Pathway

If you’re interested in protecting wildlife habitats and the environment while meeting the ever-growing demand for wood products, clean water, outdoor recreation, and scenic beauty, then studying natural resources management is right for you. Studying natural resources will prepare you for professional opportunities in environmental monitoring, such as endangered species and wetland delineation, restoration of disturbed land, and management of forested lands. Students may work for federal, state, and local land management and planning agencies or non-governmental organizations and legislative bodies concerned with land use policies and laws.


Post-High Opportunities:

  • Bachelors Degree in Natural Resources Conservation
  • Masters of Science in Natural Resources
  • Associate of Science in Natural Resources
  • Organic Agriculture Certificate
  • Minor in Wildlife Ecology


Career Opportunities in the Puyallup Tribe

  • Chief Leschi Schools
    • Science Teacher
    • Grounds Crew
  • Clarks Creek Hatchery
  • Land Use Office
  • Shellfish
  • Hunting & Wildlife
  • Fisheries


Education Careers Pathway


The education career pathway is your opportunity to make a positive life long impact on others. This pathway will help develop your skills in teaching, planning, child development, and administration. This pathway can lead you into:

  • Teaching & Training
  • Professional Support Services
  • Administration & Administrative Support
  • Social Services


Post-High Education Opportunities

  • Para Pro Certification
  • Apprenticeship Childcare Site Coordinator
  • Early Childhood Associates
  • Bachelors in Education
  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Masters Degree in Social Work
  • Masters in Educational Leadership
  • Doctorate  of Education


Career Opportunities in the Puyallup Tribe

  • Chief Leschi Schools
    • teacher
    • para
    • counselor
    • administrator
    • coach
  • Grandview Early Learning
  • PTHA
  • Youth Center
  • Children’s Services
  • Indian Welfare Children’s Program
  • Community & Family Services


Audio & Visual Technology Pathway


In this field students will work with high-end equipment and cutting edge technology. Students will apply artistic talent to practical problems and learn visual arts principles that prepare them with the necessary skills and techniques to work in a variety of creative design and entertainment fields. Creative students who see themselves designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing or publishing multimedia content will want to pursue courses in this pathway.


Students can participate in recording the history of Chief Leschi Schools through photography, yearbook, and video.


Post-High Opportunities

  • Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts
  • Associates of Applied Science Broadcast Video Productions
  • Associates of Applied Science Digital Media
  • Bachelors in Audio Visual Technology
  • Masters Degree in Game Design


Career Opportunities in the Puyallup Tribe

  • Chief Leschi Schools
    • Fine Arts Teacher
    • Communications
    • Technology Department
  • Emerald Queen
  • Media & Marketing
  • Events Crew
  • Puyallup Tribal News



Health Sciences: Medical Careers Pathway

Are you interested in science, in helping others, in discovering new things? Students in health science learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-high school education and training opportunities, from apprenticeships and two-year college programs to four-year college and graduate programs.

Healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the United States. In the Health Science Career Cluster you can prepare for a career that promotes health, wellness and diagnosis, and treats injuries and diseases.


Post-High Education

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Medical Assistant (MA)
  • Associates Pre-Nursing Degree
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Phlebotomy Certificate
  • Associates in Applied Science Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Masters of Science in Nursing
  • Masters in Psychology
  • Doctorate in Medicine



Career Opportunities in the Puyallup Tribe

  • Chief Leschi Schools
    • Nurse
  • Puyallup Tribal Health Authority
  • Children Services
  • Salish Cancer Center
  • Elder Services Wellness Center



Frequently asked questions:


What is a Pathway?

Career pathways are an integrated collection of programs and classes intended to develop students’ core academic, technical and employability skills; providing students with continuous education and training; that leads them into high-demand, high-opportunity jobs


Why choose a Pathway?

When choosing a pathway in school a student can focus on the programs available to them for development, training, and coursework that helps them to be successful in their post-secondary college and career choices. A pathway can give students the skills, certifications and in some cases college credits saving them time and money after graduation, allowing them to move forward in their careers at a faster pace.  Exploratory courses help students to make career choices to guide their post-secondary decisions.


Will dual credit and certification be offered?

Yes, for some pathways. Dual Credit is given for those courses taken at Chief Leschi that offer you credit at Community Colleges, Technical Colleges and Universities when meeting grade requirements.


Certifications that can be earned:

  • Food Handlers
  • ServSafe