sləx̌il ʔə ti tubšədad - Warrior's Day - Staff Highlight

Posted 11/10/2020


We have five staff members that served in our military that work at Chief Leschi Schools in a variety of positions. Ron Manson; Operations Executive Assistant, Leanna Washington; Secondary Teacher, and Tom Mearns; Network Analyst share their military service. 


Ron Manson

Ron Manson is the Operations Executive Assistant and has been working at Chief Leschi for three years. He served in the United States Army as a Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Operator/Fire Direction Specialist. He served 7 years in active duty and three years in the Army National Guard. 


Leanna Washington

Leanna Washington is a Secondary Teacher. She joined the United States Air Force in 1999 and left in 2007. Leanna joined the United States Air Force in July of 1999 and left in October 2007. She was a Traffic Management Officer that specialized in shipping and receiving. "I joined because I loved my country and wanted to help make our country a safe place. I joined to defend our rights and freedoms," Leanna shares. "I will always support and defend our rights and freedoms for everyone."


Tom Mearns

Tom Mearns is a new member of our Instructional Technology team as a Network Analyst. Tom served 20 years in United States Army. He was a Signal Support Systems Specialists. 


Warrior's Day

We also want to honor our Native Warrior's; ʔuk’ʷədiitubułəd čəł txʷəl ti
suʔabcutləp. - We are praisingly thanking you folks for what you have given of yourself.