sləx̌il ʔə ti tubšədad - Warrior's Day Honoring

Posted 11/13/2020


On Friday, November 13th, we held a brief sləx̌il ʔə ti tubšədad - Warrior's Day honoring of our staff veterans. As tradition, they were gifted a blanket and a pin.
ʔuk’ʷədiitubułəd čəł txʷəl ti suʔabcutləp. - We are praisingly thanking you folks for what you have given of yourself.


Tom Mearns, Network Analyst with Maddie Sampson Steve Smith, IT Specialist, with Maddie Sampson and Binah McCloud Maddie Sampson, Ho'o Brown, and Davina Barril read a poem for our Veterans Veteran staff are honored by our Culture Team Manuel Morales MC's our Veteran Day honoring. Bob Jacobs, Bus Driver, with Maddie Sampson Veteran staff stand in the Four Seasons gym wrapped in blue and orange blankets.


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