National School Counselors Week

Posted 2/5/2021


February 1 - 5 is dedicated to honoring school counselors and their important job in school communities. From preparing students to achieve success and plan for a career, to supporting students social-emotional learning, school counselors have a major impact on a student's future. At Chief Leschi, we are fortunate to have four amazing counselors, two supporting the elementary side and two supporting the secondary side. Especially during the pandemic, our school counselors job has never been more important. 


Brigette Curry


"School counselors are in the unique position to be able to support our students, our families and our teachers," Brigette Curry, elementary counselor, says on how our counselors are supporting students during the pandemic. "Each and every day we help support students in academic, career and college planning as well as the social-emotional skills. Even though we are distance learning in a way, we are still providing those supports." Brigette joined the team in 2017 after receiving her Bachelor's in Psychology from Gonzaga University and her Master's in School Counseling form Seattle University.


Martina Iniguez

"What I like about being a school counselor is collaborating with as many people as possible to help one student experience success," Martina Iniguez, elementary counselor, says on what she enjoys about being a school counselor. Martina joined the Chief Leschi Counseling team in 2020 with over 20 years of experience as a school counselor. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business from Eastern Washington University and her Master's in School Counseling from Heritage University. 


La'Ghea Jackson


La'Ghea Jackson, secondary counselor, says on why she chose to became a school counselor that she "enjoys being able to connect with students and families every single day." La'Ghea has been a school counselor at Chief Leschi since 2016 after earning her Bachelor's in Human Services from the University of Phoenix and her Master's in School Counseling from City University. 


Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson, secondary counselor, became a counselor to advocate for kids. "Kids need a champion. They need a fan. And I like being a fan," Trevor says. Trevor was hired in 2019 after earning his Bachelor's from Evergreen State University and his Master's in School Counseling from City University of Seattle.