Elementary Students Earn Honorable Mentions in 2021 South Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Posted 4/26/2021


2nd-grade student Marilyn Cayenne and 3rd-grade student Lexi Okert submitted projects to the South Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair and earned honorable mentions. You can see the awards list here.


Marilyn holding up two thumbs-up wearing a pink shirt.

Marilyn submitted her project titled, "Is there iron in my cereal?"  Marilyn hypothesized that there was enough iron in her cereal to be activated by a magnet. Marilyn happily exclaims at the end of her video submission, "Science is cool!" You can watch her video here.


Lexi holds up a white paper to the camera wearing brown rimmed glasses and a black shirt.

Lexi submitted her project titled, "Improve Initial Prototype of a Paper Airplane and Straw Rocket.​" Lexi submitted a comprehensive presentation explaining her process and how she came to her conclusions. Lexi quotes at the end of her presentation, "Science is hard sometimes but you will get through it. Go science! Science opens your mind to discover endless possibilities." Lexi additionally earned the specialty award "Friends of the Earth" for her project. The award goes to projects in K-12 that addressed the condition of the earth. 


Congratulations, Marilyn and Lexi!