2021 Promotions

Posted 06/10/21


An annual tradition for Chief Leschi is the promotional ceremony for our kindergarten, 5th-grade, and 8th-grade students in June after graduation. You can rewatch the ceremonies on our YouTube channel: Kindergarten, 5th-grade, 8th-grade.


Students sit on bleachers during ceremonyStudent stands in a white dress and brown hatStudent in brown sweater receives promotion certificate Students stand next to blue and yellow backdrop, holding certificates Student wearing blue graduation capStudent in grey sweatshirt, fist bumps school board membersStudent in black sweatshirt receives certificateStudent in white shirt waves to family after receiving their certificateStudent and family stand after the ceremony for a pictureStudent in black and white striped dress receives certificate Student stands next their teacher after receiving certificate Student in black shirt receives certificate Student in white dress stands with family holding their certificate Student sits on the yellow bleachers with blue graduation cap