Coming Home and Giving Back

Posted 09/08/2021


Paul Herrera, SRO


Paul Herrera was hired on to be a Puyallup Tribal Police Officer 20 years ago and has worked with many different entities within the Puyallup Tribe including Undercover Narcotics Detective, Swat Team Commander, Fish and Wildlife, but none have left such an impression on him as Chief Leschi Schools.


After September 11, 2001, Herrera had to put his police career on hold when he was activated from his Army Reserves position to be deployed to Iraq. At a Veterans Day assembly in 2003, Herrera was gifted a story paddle by the school to take on his deployment. Herrera took the paddle with him everywhere during his time in Iraq, where the paddle witnessed good moments and bad moments. Herrera also received letters from students at Chief Leschi that helped him during dark times. "The cedar reminded me of the community," Herrera said. He credits the story paddle for helping him through his deployment.


When Chief Duenas assigned Sgt. Herrera to be our SRO, Herrera was honored to be coming back and serving CLS. Herrera wants to be a positive influence with students and provide good experiences and interactions with police. 


"I don't see this as a job," Herrera states. "I am giving back to the school and the community."