National Student Leadership Week

Posted 4/28/2022


Leadership students group photo in front of the school.

From left to right: Ramon Cruz-Garcia, Ariana Perez, Nathan Cardona, Katerie Gouley, Erayleas (Ray) Mowat, Jesse Rasher-Satiacum, Lacius Gomez, Jonathan Montoya Mayoral, Xitali (Lali) Renteria, Franki Bruce. 


National Student Leadership Week is celebrated annually, dedicated to recognizing and supporting the vital role of student leaders. This year, we asked our secondary teachers to nominate two students per grade and to share why they nominated them. Way to go, student leaders!


6th Grade

Lacius Gomez

Lacius is very sweet and respectful, and always seems to try his best on his work. -Ms. Candace Bray, Paraeducator


Xitali (Lali) Renteria

Lali is very sweet and respectful, and always does her best on her classroom assignments. Also, she is very kind to her peers and always gets involved with cultural activities! -Ms. Candace Bray, Paraeducator

7th Grade

Jonathan Montoya

This kid is so respectful, and when I work with him, he gets all of his work done- no questions asked. He works well with every student, and he is kind to staff. -Ms. Candace Bray, Paraeducator

Aiden Villegas

Aiden thrives academically and is also a leader! Aiden participates in school activities and helps classmates out!           -LaRee Graham, ELA Teacher

8th Grade

Erayleas (Ray) Mowat

Ray is kind and respectful. He seeks help on assignments and is a leader in the classroom. -Ms. Graham, ELA Teacher

Nathan Cordona

Nathan is great with communication! When he has a question, he always reaches out! I am proud of all Nathan's academic accomplishments! -Ms. Graham, ELA Teacher

9th Grade

Franki Bruce

Franki is consistently kind, resilient, and self-reflective. She puts her whole heart into everything she tries, and she always has insightful things to say during class discussions. She is a talented writer, a curious reader, and she has grown tremendously this year in ELA. She is an excellent role model and a true leader. -Ms. Hope, ELA Teacher

Josh Sam

Josh has such a welcoming energy. He takes pride in the things he loves. Most people recognize this by his leadership in circle, which usually looks like a smile and nod in your direction that makes you feel like you belong. He’s never shy about advocating for his peers. He is a joy to know. -Ms. Loucks, Culture Teacher

10th Grade

Ariana Perez

Ariana is super welcoming and friendly. She has a great sense of humor and is extremely hard working. Overall, she’s a positive role model. -Ms. Fernandez

Katerie Gouley

Katerie is a student leader across our entire campus. She leads by example. She’s is a leader whose actions have a huge impact on others. She’s someone who her teachers and peers can always rely on to do the right thing. She maintains high expectations for herself which allow her to succeed academically and socially. -Mrs. Kinne

11th Grade

Jesse Rasher-Satiacum

Jesse is always willing to help out, sticks up for the teacher and his peers against bullies and is a kind person with a big heart.    -Ms. Mitchell, Science Teacher

Autumn John

Autumn is extremely motivated to help and participate in Indigenous Culinary in any way she can. She also stays until the end to help with cleanup. Her upbeat personality is infectious. Her work ethic is undeniable and supports others amazingly. She has truly established herself as a leader. -Mr. Lorton, Culture Teacher

12th Grade

Tu-Quate-Tsa Thomas

Tu-Quate-Tsa has been a mentor to some of the middle school students. I love seeing her interact with them and hearing them talk about how much they appreciate her! -Ms. Jackson, Counselor

Ramon Cruz-Garcia

Ramon was nominated by two of his teachers.


Ramon is such a humble and gracious person. He is an amazing TA to my middle school students and the kids look to him for answers and help. He is an excellent role model! -Ms. Wasbrikoff, PE/Health Teacher


Ramon is a kind and great leader. -Ms. Loucks, Culture Teacher