New Story Pole in the Making

Posted 5/19/2022


The story pole in front of our campus has a trademark appearance, without even seeing the buildings, most people can identify our school by seeing the story pole out front. A large log was purchased to create that story pole, but only half of it was used. A few months ago, the other half of the log was brought out of storage to finally be carved. Director of Student Success and Culture Binah McCloud asked former CLS principal and interim superintendent Al Zantua to come back and head the project. 


As part of our Career and Technical Education intern program, Al has had the company of senior Gabryal Laugharn to work on the project with him. 

Students and staff work on the story pole

Al designed the story pole that entwines with school history and Puyallup culture. The wolf sits at the top of the story pole, representing the Spirit of the Wolf. "When the school was being built, they spotted a wolf," Al shared. "It was the Spirit of the Wolf that protects our children." Below the wolf, there is a student that represents that experience. Next, there is a woman holding a salmon. 

Story poleStory pole

Tentatively, the story pole is set to be in or near the new auditorium being built. 


Photos by CLS Communications Intern Moses Moody