Next Move Internships

Posted 06/06/2022


As part of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program, for the first time, we offered students the opportunity to participate in the Next Move internship, where students could get real-life work experience before graduation. The Next Move program partners students with local professionals to help students better understand their opportunities after high school. We had eight students participate in the program starting at second semester. Seven of those students interned with a staff member on campus and one off campus at the Puyallup Tribe House of Respect. Each of the internships lined up with our 5 CTE pathways in some capacity. Students were required to interview for their internships and create a resume. 


Faith Hudson

Senior Faith Hudson, PTHA intern

Senior Faith Hudson is a part of our Medical Careers pathway, and was the only student that had an internship off campus. Faith interned at the Puyallup Tribe House of Respect, which treats elders of our tribal community. Faith learned new skills not only in the medical field, but also in learning about to be a professional. “Through this internship, I feel more confident and ready for my future," Faith shares. You can learn more about Faith's experience in this video.


Jesse Walton, a junior that participated in the internship program worked our Instructional Technology Department. Jesse worked with Director of Instructional Technology Don Brummett and created chess pieces using our 3D printer among other projects. “I think [students] should do internships because it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone..." Jesse states. "... And work with [staff] at school or outside of school... [Internships] can help you get a job and looks good on a resume and college applications.” Jesse hopes to continue his projects he started during his internship next year. 

Jesse Walton

Junior Jesse Walton, IT Intern

Chess pieces, in purple, blue, red, green, and yellow.

3D chess pieces created by junior Jesse Walton.


Senior Gabryal Laugharn interned with a few different staff members, including Native artist and former CLS principal Al Zantua. Gabryal also worked with our maintenance staff and an electrician. “[Internships] can be a good idea for anyone that has a specific goal in life and knows what kind of job they want to do and get an internship under that specifically, so they can get a head start in what they want to do,” Gabe Laugharn says. 

Gabryal Laugharn

Senior Gabryal Laugharn, Maintenance Intern


Senior Benjamin McKinney also interned under different staff members, math teacher Jarrod Plummer and P.E. teacher Cheryln Wasbrikoff. Benjamin shares, “...Other kids should take internships [because] it helps you before you actually get a real job." 

Benjamin McKinney

Senior Benjamin McKinney, Math and Health TA


You can learn more about Gabryal and Benjamin's internship experience here. 


We would like to recognize the four other students that participated in the internship program this year; Moses Moody, Communications Intern, Tu-Quate-Tsa Thomas, Counseling Intern, Danny Sullivan, Grpahic Design Intern, and Joseph Bullplume, 4th grade TA.

Moses Moody using a camera to live stream during circle

Senior Moses Moody, Communications Intern, helps with livestreaming Circle.

Tu-Quate-Tsa Thomas works with students at lunch.

Senior Tu-Quate-Tsa Thomas, Counseling Intern, works with students at lunch.

Danny Sullivan's artwork, a black and white building next to the water.

Senior Danny Sullivan, Graphic Design Intern, artwork. 

Joseph Bullplume works with another student at their desk.

Junior Joseph Bullplume, 4th grade TA, works with another student during class time.