Congratulations Class of 2022!

Posted 06/13/2022


The 46th Commencement of our schools took place on Saturday, June 11 with the Tribal community, Vice Chairwoman Sylvia Miller and council members James Rideout, Anna Bean, and Monica Miller along with our School Board and keynote speaker, Native hip-hop artist Sten Joddi. 


Our welcome to the commencement was made by our Master of Ceremonies and, secondary principal Jennifer Vasilez, and as part of our tradition, Moses Moody completed the traditional prayer/greeting to kick off the 2022 graduation ceremony. Our Valedictorian was Daffodil Princess Faith Hudson and our Salutatorian was Tu-Quate-Tsa Thomas. Each had to give a speech to their graduating class that signified the end of their high school career. Thomas shared on breaking generational curses, saying, "Even if nobody in your family has done it before, [then] you be the first to do it." Hudson spoke about perseverance and overcoming, asking what perseverance meant and then sharing what it meant to her: "Perservance means to keep going even when I wanted to stop... It's your perseverance that got you here today."


As part of the CLS tradition, we had a special keynote speaker. This year, we had Native hip-hop artist Sten Joddi who talked to our class of 2022 about failure. "I spent a lot of time falling and failing, you guys are going to fail, but [look at] failure as a good thing," Joddi shared. "[Because] those moments of failure are moments to learn."


Other moments of wisdom shared with our graduating class were by Tribal Council member James Rideout, who said, "It's a blessing to see you all achieve your accomplishments... You have the support of your family, your community, your tribe, and all of us." Rideout also discussed how the class of 2022 is "leaving this school better than they found it," touching on the recent accomplishments of our basketball teams making it to state finalists, our track team winning state titles, and possibly reaching the highest graduation rate in the state. Tribal Council member Anna Bean also talked about perservance and said, "[The Class of 2022] has persevered like [their] ancestors did before them." 


Our Student Voice Elected Staff Message was from Darren "Scooter" Spencer, one of our Student Success Specialists, who started his own journey at CLS when the class of 2022 was in 6th grade. Scooter congratulated the class of 2022 for all their accomplishments, and commended them for making history. In the senior interview staff member impact question, Scooter was often mentioned as the staff member that impacted these seniors the most. 


Our selected scholarship and award recipients are as follows:

  • Daffodil Scholarship: Faith Hudson
  • Will Fry Award: Moses Moody
  • Fuchs-Harden Educational Fund #2: Aaliyah Briden
  • Bill Rifenberry Award: Ramon Cruz-Garcia
  • Perseverance Award: Mia Iese
  • Athletic Scholarship, Edmonds College: Mylina Pluff
  • Jane Wright: Faith Hudson
  • Herman Dillon, Sr: Kenneth Keesy


We raise our hands to the Chief Leschi Class of 2022! We couldn't be more proud of all your accomplishments and excited about your future. 


Graduates walk down the aisle.Graduates walk down the aisle.Graduates receive a blanket.Graduates receive a blanket from Tribal Council and School Board.Graduates walk down the aisle. Graduates walk down the aisle.Graduates receive a blanket from Tribal Council and School Board. Graduates receive a blanket from School Board and Tribal Council.Moses Moody recites the traditional prayer.Graduates walk down the aisle.Graduates receive their diploma and blanket from Tribal Council.Graduates receive blanket from Tribal Council.Graduates give speeches at graduation.Tribal Council Member James Rideout speaks at graduation.Tribal Council member Anna Bean speaks at graduation.Keynote speaker Sten Joddi speaks at graduation.Keynote speaker Sten Joddi takes a selfie with the graduating class of 2022.Ramon Cruz-Garcia receives the Bill Rifenberry Award.Students receive their diploma and blanket from Tribal Council and School Board. Graduates get wrapped in a blanket from Tribal Council. Faith Hudson receives Daffodil Scholarship.Aaliyah Briden receives Fuchs-Harden Educational Fund #2.Moses Moody receives Will Fry Award.Mia Iese receives Perseverance Award.Mylina Pluff receives Athletic Scholarship for Edmonds CollegeGraduates hug Tribal Council members.Faith Hudson receives the Jane Wright Scholarship.Kenneth Keesy receives Herman Dillon, Sr award.

Photos by Brittany Piger, Communications Manager

Students shake hands with keynote speaker Sten JoddiStudent poses with her baby.Students bang the drum after receiving their diploma.Student yells after receiving diploma.Student excited after receiving diploma.Student elected speaker Darren "Scooter" Spencer speaks at graduation.

Photos by AV Teacher David Derr

Students walk down the aisle graduation.Student receives diploma.Students walk down the aisle to receive their diploma.Students sit at graduation.

Photos by photography student Lizzie Joseph.


Posted 06/11/2022

Yesterday, we held graduation rehearsal for our seniors. The class of 2022 walked the halls of our elementary school, practiced speeches for today, had their last lunch at school, and were drummed out. We are so excited for the future of our Warriors! We couldn't be more proud! 🎓
Seniors need to be on campus at 10 a.m. Graduation ceremony will start promptly at 1 p.m. See you there!
Two students stand in their cap and gown on graduation rehearsal day.
Students stand in front of the story pole.Seniors attend a lunch on graduation rehearsal day.Seniors attend a graduation rehearsal lunch the day before graduation.Seniors attend a graduation rehearsal lunch the day before graduation.Culture staff help drum out the seniors the day before graduation.Seniors stand outside as drum and dance perform for them.Seniors stand outside as drum and dance perform for them.Seniors stand outside as drum and dance perform for them.