Posted by Ho'o Brown on 5/5/2020

Today’s May 5th 2020 and we would like to spend a moment in silence for the women who have gone missing as we pray for justice. Below are images with links to other sources to create awareness and make a difference.

To our youth, be vigilant and careful. You are the proud seed of our indigenous nations. Click on the photos to learn more. 

No More Stolen Sisters Logo


Somebody's Daughter: The Trailer


Global Indigenous Council - MMIW Campaign


Running for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women



  1. Learn what you can do to support and protect your loved ones.
  2. Join a talking-circle or connect with your local Culture Team and stay connected.
  3. Awareness is key. Create art, songs and stories to increase awareness.
  4. Most of all, love yourself and stay safe.