Posted by Ho'o Brown on 5/14/2020

Can you guest where each of these pictures were taken?


March 13th we, CLS Staff, waved goodbye to all of the buses and since then a lot has changed. School facilities are temporarily closed to ensure the health and well being of every student due to COVID-19. Since then we’ve utilized packets and are now online using Microsoft Teams.


Your Culture Teachers started meeting together to drum & dance sending up wellness with every breath. Eventually other teachers joined in, drawn by the drum and sharing in our longing. We truly miss our students.


  • Click here to see the video we made about Culture Day.
  • Did you know that May 1st was suppose to be Culture Day?
  • Did you know that it was originally called “Grandparents Day?” That knowledge was share by Mr. Brewer.

Stairway up to mural

Where is this mural located?

Storypole outside of Leschi Schools

Do you know the legend(s) that inspired the Story Pole?

Elementary hallway with canoe welcoming people who enter

Is this the entrance to the Elementary building?

Elementary hallway with the CLS logo

What's directly at the end of this hallway?

Secondary canoe when entering the secondary building

Do you know where this picture is located?

Culture staff participate in Circle outside

Can you identify where they're singing?