The Noticing Challenge

Posted by Ho'o Brown on 6/3/2020

The Noticing Challenge

We are taking some time out of our schedule to share some activities, practices, and resources to help you live holistically.


But what does holistic mean?


The dictionary defines Holistic as “The treatment of the whole person”.


Here’s the bigger picture:

  1. How am I treating my body? (food, exercise, sleep…)
  2. How am I treating my mind? (thinking kindly of myself, giving myself grace, self-care, mindfulness and meditation, emotions)
  3. How am I treating my spirit and soul? (do I listen to the sounds of nature, sing with my hand-drum and allow my soul to be energized)


It’s a big concept, we know. And it can mean slightly different things to different people. Your idea of Holistic Wellness may be slightly different than ours.


Join the Challenge

Culture team notices plants



1. Go for a walk around your home (with parental permission of course) and see what you notice that is around your area. It can be art, statues, memorial plaques, graffiti, anything that you notice that has pretty much always been there but you maybe never paid too much attention to.

2. Snap a pic and post it to the Holistic Wellness Team Tile or social media with #INoticedCLS with a little snippet of what you learned.

Here’s some optional questions to get your brain jumpstarted:

· What attracted you?

· Why did it attract you?

· What was surprising to you about finding this?

· Why had you never really noticed it before?


You can answer all of these questions, or none. We just hope that you can get outside and notice something new! If you want to share, bonus. We might even be able to send you a little prize or something online or in the mail.